Chengdu adds' harvard woman 'to its list of students

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Another high school girl in chengdu was admitted to Harvard University this year!

Last week, zhang xiaoyue, from chengdu foreign language school's grade 12 (liberal arts experimental class), was admitted to the world's no. 1 Harvard University, becoming the fourth senior high school student from chengdu to be admitted after liu yiding, cheng wanxin and LAN tianxing.

In addition to Harvard University, zhang xiaoyue had received admission letters from duke university (ranked 7th), northwestern university (ranked 12th) and university of California, Berkeley (ranked 20th).


Getting accepted to harvard was pretty straightforward

It's like "icing on the cake.

WeChat over there, zhang xiaoyue is busy appreciating cherry blossoms, by several famous universities in the world, this is Japan "travel on a shoestring" high school girls seem very calm. Zhang xiaoyue's high school classmate ning shan, who is studying for the national college entrance exam in two months, said that zhang xiaoyue taught herself Japanese and went to Japan for a part-time job.

On April 1, zhang xiaoyue woke up early in the morning while playing in yubu yuan, Japan. When she opened her email, she saw the admission notice from Harvard University.

"I was happy, but not ecstatic, because I had gotten good admissions before harvard." In zhang's opinion, harvard, a top university, is like buying a lottery ticket. If you win, you have a reason. If you don't, you have nothing to regret. Still, she added, "I'm grateful to harvard for giving me the opportunity to ride my bike to success instead of walking, but even without a bike, I can still walk to my destination.

Zhang said the most important thing for her to get into harvard was not her grades or materials, but her "clear goals and psychological maturity." Harvard needs future leadership talent, and zhang xiaoyue's plan is to become an environmental economist who USES market means to improve the natural environment. Therefore, in the interview, she showed a mature mind and a long-term vision.


Success tip 1

Belong to "learn god" learning efficiency is very high

"Well learned, well played." "Ningshan said of her classmates. Zhang's love of animation, participation in public welfare activities and frequent participation in debate competitions abroad have not affected her performance at all.

"Love learning, but don't be tied to it." The class teacher tang yi described her student as the chief editor of the campus magazine cheng wailuo, or the cadre of the student union, who won the best representative award in the national model union of high school students.

Wu jianjia and zhang xiaoyue were classmates in middle school and high school. When zhang was in middle school, she was the monitor of class 1 (experimental class) of chengwai primary school in 2012 for more than a year. What impressed wu most was that zhang's English was so good that she could express herself entirely in English. Once, when wu asked zhang for advice on her learning experience, zhang managed to come up with a systematic list of things.

"She doesn't belong in the 'top student' category, she belongs in the 'top student' category." Student Yang yilin said, the outstanding students with time for results, and learning god with efficiency for results.

Zhang admitted that she was a playful type, but "very efficient", sometimes reading books in her spare time when she went out for dinner, and sometimes playing all afternoon. "You can study for 11 hours, or you can study for a whole day without getting up," she said in an article in the class journal, "staying at home." Efficiency determines learning ability. Many people need to study for several months for the American history exam. Zhang xiaoyue can finish it in half a month and get full marks.


Secret of success 2

Have clear goals and strong learning initiative

Zhang xiaoyue in chengdu shawan road primary school to participate in the beginning of the idea of going abroad, so he chose cheng wai. Ms. Tang, zhang's mother, said her decision to go abroad was reinforced by a month-long summer camp she attended in the United States during the first semester of her senior year.

Lu yue, executive vice President of cheng wai, also served as zhang xiaoyue's English teacher. In lu yue's mind, zhang xiaoyue was a girl with clear goals, her own ideas, plans and strong execution. According to zhang xiaoyue's ability, she could have taken the top five places in her province and even won the national college entrance examination, but she still insisted on studying abroad.

According to tang, zhang xiaoyue has a good learning habit since childhood. He knows when to do what, so he is more focused when studying. Because of this, she is very at ease to the daughter's study, even can accompany to play games.

When zhang was very young, tang "respected her interest" in painting, playing the piano and mathematical olympias. Every time, zhang agreed to go to the training. In the process of continuous experimentation, discover the child's talent and expand it. 

However, when her daughter met difficulties and asked for help, she would never do it for her. Instead, she would tell her daughter several ways to solve the problems and let her choose and solve them by herself. "Stay out of her business and develop her independence."

Secret of success 3

A class of cattle led by a group of cattle

In lu yue's opinion, students including zhang xiaoyue can achieve stage achievements because of a combination of factors, including the school's educational philosophy, the teachers' mind and students' dreams. It is worth mentioning that for eight consecutive years, students from chengwai have been admitted to ivy league schools, and for two consecutive years, students have been admitted to Harvard University, the world's no.1 university.

"Peer strength is just as important." Speaking of his English class 12, lu yue is very proud. Of the 59 students in the class, eight went abroad and 25 were recommended for admission (including six from tsinghua university and one from Peking University), according to tang liyi, head teacher of chengwai senior high school (12). Tang yi is a sichuan middle school Chinese teacher of special grade, lu yue is a sichuan province English teacher of special grade...... 'these kids are great people, but they don't feel like they're great,' Mr. Lu said. 'they're still studying hard.' Wu jianjia, zhang's classmate, said that in this class, the atmosphere of study is very good, and if a problem cannot be solved, some students are willing to share their own methods.