Chengdu Foreign Languages School (Deyang campus) covers an area of more than 400 mu, with more than 650 on-the-job teachers and 450 full-time teachers (including 7 provincial and municipal super level teachers, 7 Chengdu discipline leaders, 4 Sichuan super level teachers, 3 Chengdu super level teachers), 117 teaching classes and more than 6600 students. The school has four foreign languages: English, Japanese, French and German. It has junior high school department, senior high school department and international department. It also has primary school affiliated to Chengdu Foreign Language School and kindergarten affiliated to Chengdu Foreign Language School. The school has first-class teaching complex building, gymnasium, science and technology hall, swimming pool, student restaurant, student apartment and sports ground with 400m plastic runway. The school is equipped with four network systems, including communication monitoring, central air conditioning, computer and two-way closed-circuit television; there is a large lecture hall and 20 piano rooms; the student canteen is 10000 ㎡, which can accommodate 5000 people to eat at the same time. There are also 3D printing, mathematical modeling, professional video studio and other places to expand the quality of students.

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