• Junior middle school Chinese, mathematics, English, German, French, history, menNumber:Each a

    To apply for conditions

    1. Love education, love students, noble ethics, follow the law of education, innovation, dedication.

    2. Full-time bachelor degree, master degree is preferred.

    3. Healthy, under the age of 40.

    4. Have taught in a demonstration school above the municipal level for more than 3 years, with strong teaching, teaching and research ability. National, provincial and municipal class competition first prize winner, national, provincial and municipal outstanding teachers, excellent class teacher priority.

    Registration assessment

    (1) registration time: April 13, 2020, solstice, April 26, 2020

    (2) registration method: online registration, provide id card, graduation certificate (degree certificate), professional title certificate, teacher qualification certificate, works, papers, honors certificate and other relevant information in a single word or PDF file with "name + subject (post).

    Application email: (please indicate the subject you apply for in the title of your resume)

    Contact person: Mr. Li

    Telephone number: 0838-2680000, 0838-2271111, 18781080899

    Assessment of employment

    After the primary examination of the school application materials, the telephone notice of the examination time and place, the examination of qualified notice of employment and signed the "labor contract".

    In compensation

    The school implements the system of multi-work, multi-pay, merit and reward, and the salary of special talents is negotiable. We will standardize the purchase of six insurances and one housing fund, provide work housing, free nutritious meals, preferential enrollment for teachers' children and other benefits, and give teachers the same treatment as public schools in evaluating and promoting their professional titles.

    Correspondence address

    Dongyi ring road, jingyang district, deyang city

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  • High school Chinese, middle school Chinese, physical education teacherNumber:Each a

    Job descriptions,

    1. Law-abiding, physically and mentally healthy, practical and hard-working, with deep educational feelings, firm ideals and beliefs and lofty career pursuit;

    2. Fresh graduates with bachelor's degree or above, excellent master's degree or doctor's degree is preferred. It is required to get at least one second-class scholarship at the college level.


    Please send or submit your resume to the office of chengdu foreign language school before May 20, 2020 (application materials will not be returned). Please mark "application resume" on the cover.

    Correspondence address

    No.35, east section, baicao road, gaoxin west district, yangxi line, chengdu

    Zip code: 611731

    Contact number: 028-87820662, 028-87820681 contact: teacher lai

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  • School doctorNumber:1

    Job descriptions,

    1. Education: junior college or above. Must have a doctor's license.

    2. Job requirements: good ideological and moral character, healthy body, strong communication and coordination ability, steadfast and willing to work, hard-working and uncomplaining.

    3. Age: under 40, school work experience is preferred.


    Please submit your resume (resume, education certificate, professional title certificate, etc.) to the office of chengdu foreign language school (application materials will not be returned).

    Deadline: May 1, 2020.

    Mailing address: no. 35, east section, baicao road, gaoxin west district, chengdu city

    Zip code: 611731

    Contact phone number

    87820662, 87820681,

    Contact person: Mr. Lai

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