Principal's Remarks

Gongzhifa - Principal

One of elite schools in China located in Sichuan Province

Going through years of wind and rain process, students graduating from CFLS are all over the world , making the school’s history abundant and colorful.

The education idea of CFLS is “Global Mind, Chinese Heart”, adhering to the guiding ideology of “laying a foundation for students, being responsible for national future”, aiming to cultivate modern high-qualified Chinese people with world vision and national conscience, carrying out the development strategy of “establishing school with unique characteristics, vitalizing school by scientific research, immersing school in culture, to be stronger by internationalization”. Through the whole journey, we are filled with emotions and boundless pride.

There are a group of teachers with ideal and faith, moral sentiments, solid foundation of knowledge and the heart of kindness. As we all know, plants will flourish only when the gardeners have a green thumb. It is your solid guarantee to succeed work with our teachers’ great devotion and concentration.

Our goal is to become the top ranking school in China which could be the first choice of students, with a fine school spirit, distinctive characteristics and high quality. The high-qualified leader team will lead us to a brighter future. The hard-working faculty will guide our students to start their dreams.

Teachers and staff in CFLS light the hope with passion, intelligence and sweat, and we will make our dream come true by working dedicatedly.

Chengdu Foreign Languages School, we will give you a dream, carry you forward and help you succeed!

Welcome to Chengdu Foreign Languages School!