The sino-canadian high school of our school was awarded the full mark in the annual examination of the Canadian ministry of education and was highly praised

Full marks passed and highly praised

From November 20 to 21, officials from Canada's NS ministry of education visited chengdu foreign language school and held the annual review of CJTC. During the annual inspection, the delegation made a two-day field trip to the school according to the 60 evaluation criteria, visited the campus, observed Canadian courses, had discussions with Chinese and Canadian administrators and teachers, had discussions with parents' representatives and student representatives, and evaluated the management of student files. After consulting the student management manual, teacher management manual, school qualification and other documents, a comprehensive assessment and evaluation was conducted to ensure that the hardware, software and teaching implementation details of overseas high schools meet the requirements of Canadian high schools.

Mr. Gong zhifa, principal of chengdu foreign language school, cordially met with Ms. Agnes Greer and Mr. John Astephen, the annual audit officer of NS education department. President gong zhifa extended a warm welcome to the two Canadian education officials, and expressed the high importance the school attaches to the high-quality overseas education project of china-canada high school, and would, as always, give the greatest support to the project. The two sides have sincere communication on the development of the project, are friendly, positive and full of confidence.

After the talks, into outer Gong Zhifa principals and Ms. Sun Jiliang vice President, the ministry of education Agnes Ms Agnes and Mr. John Mr John, Ghana's President Mr. Urban, director of the international department showkki, adding high school YongJuan hand in hand together for the campus, director of the "water" china-canada friendship tree "ridging, as everyone warmly china-canada high school outside of the tree symbolizes the into eight years history of the ginkgo tree tree planting ceremony held a grand china-canada friendship.

Former saplings after seven years of trials and tribulations, has now grown into a strong tree. Under the tree everyone's mood is as bright as today's sunshine, we excitedly share the joy of sincere cooperation and unity!

The senior auditor met with the parents of each class and listened to their opinions and Suggestions about the project face to face. Many parents said that their children could get into the experimental class or even get the foreign scholarship, but after careful comparison with their children, they finally chose to go to Canada and study for the overseas high school diploma. All the parents expressed their satisfaction that their children could attend CCCC high school. They felt very pleased and proud to see their children growing and progressing in the authentic atmosphere of Canada. They were grateful for having such good educational resources to provide to their children.

They all said that their children have changed a lot since they entered high school in Canada. They are more optimistic, confident and cheerful, and their self-management ability and social organization ability have improved greatly. We were particularly touched by the professional dedication and kindness of the Canadian high school teachers, who made the children learn and progress happily every day. In particular, the Canadian high school grading system adopts the cumulative model, and the students' learning pressure is transformed into the motivation to keep moving forward.

The senior examiners carefully check the collection and management of the Canadian library of the china-canada high school to ensure that students and teachers have enough textbooks and reference materials.

The annual review officer held the annual review summary meeting with principal gong zhifa, vice principal sun jiliang, principal Mr. Urban of Canada, director guo li of international department, and director yong Juan of china-canada high school. After two days' full review, the annual review team gave high praise to the china-canada project, the Chinese and foreign hardware and the management team, and almost got full marks. The high school in China and Canada has a very good Canadian teacher team and management team, and the children are lucky to have such a team of teachers. Principal gong zhifa listened carefully to the opinions of the annual review group on both sides and expressed that the school insisted on the management attitude of the senior high school of China and Canada. The officials expressed their admiration and gratitude for the sincerity and pragmatism of the Chinese side, and said they also felt that chengwai is a first-class high school through the annual examination, and the future china-canada high school will be more high-quality and powerful.

Principal gong zhifa presented a blue and white porcelain Chinese and western tableware gift box to the Canadian guests as a symbol of Chinese and western culture

The annual auditor of Canada presented a commemorative book of Canada celebration to President gong zhifa

Chengdu foreign languages school has a history of eight years. Through the sincere cooperation between China and Canada, the sino-canadian high school diploma program has achieved good results. Every year, of the graduates go to the top 10 universities in Canada, and 80% go to the top 100 universities in the world. We believe that with the efforts of both sides, the high school will become better and better.