Grasp the opening, to achieve excellence to create a famous school

Chengdu foreign language school has been settled in deyang, attracting wide attention from all walks of life. On March 17, deyang chengdu foreign language school held a preparatory work meeting to study the key work in the preparatory period.

Deyang chengdu foreign language school is deyang municipal party committee municipal government to promote the source integration process, promote the development of deyang quality education career and introduce the focus of people's livelihood engineering, management, directly by the chengdu foreign language school party secretary of chengdu foreign language school, the principal Gong Zhifa himself as President of the deyang into outside, outside chengdu foreign language school vice principal Zheng Yongsheng as deyang into executive vice President.

President gong presided over the meeting and announced the division of labor among cadres. The group has recruited cadres with rich management experience, advanced educational ideas and excellent work style from chengdu, mianyang, guangyuan and other prefectural cities to the school. Together with the cadres selected by the headquarters of chengdu foreign language school, they form the backbone of the school's preparation and opening.

President gong demanded that during the critical period for the completion of the school's engineering construction and the launch of enrollment promotion, all cadres should take the initiative, dare to take on responsibilities, give full play to each person's advantages, and form a strong fighting force and promotion force.

At the meeting, President gong reported the previous stage of teacher recruitment and staff recruitment, to do in-depth guidance for the next recruitment work. Gong pointed out that according to the development needs of the school, we should bring in excellent teachers and staff to make full preparations for the new semester. The teachers of deyang chengdu foreign language school will be selected and appointed by chengwai principal department, introduce chengmian famous and excellent teachers, and new graduates from key universities affiliated to the ministry. All new teachers will study in the principal department, and only after passing the examination can they take up the post and teach.

Gong the principal of the recent publicity, recruit students work made detailed arrangements, hope in the process of team norms and orderly, innovative ideas, advance publicity and recruitment of students work, quickly open the situation, promote the school profile, expand school influence, enhance school charisma, create a good atmosphere for the school development, provide strong support.

President gong put forward several hopes for the cadres: first, we should have the consciousness of entrepreneurship, willing to pay, hard work; Second, we should have a sense of goal, around the goal, pay close attention to the implementation; Three must have the quality consciousness, completes the task, the quality first; Four must have the dedication consciousness, is loyal to the cause, is willing to contribute; Five must have the service consciousness, the optimization organization, the teacher and students first; Six must have the image consciousness, inside repairs the connotation, outside the tree image.

Zheng yongsheng, vice President of chengdu foreign language school, executive vice President of deyang chengdu foreign language school, and wu wensheng, principal of junior high school, spoke at the meeting respectively, making specific requirements for the enrollment work and putting forward practical strategies for the implementation of actions.

The convening of this meeting marks a new stage of the preparatory work for the opening of deyang chengdu foreign language school. As the term of school is approaching, people from all walks of life are paying more and more attention to deyang cheng wai. Up to expectations, not the great trust, deyang outside to assemble everything in our power to go all out in engines, to make all preparations for the transaction, strive for perfection, with the first-class culture, first-class management, first-class teachers, first-class course, first-class, first-class quality, the construction of deyang people's quality education brand, promoting the development of deyang education new.


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Writing by li xin

Photo: zheng jia

Review: zheng yongsheng