Cloud school, we are together -- cheng wai junior high school online teaching snapshot

According to the requirements of the education department of sichuan province and chengdu education bureau on online education and teaching, the junior high school campus of our school has made arrangements in advance and actively planned to make full use of modern teaching technology to enable students to "stay in school without suspension of classes and leave school without teaching", so as to ensure the smooth development of online teaching while preventing and controlling the epidemic.

Mountains and rivers are now ill, we should strive for self-improvement. In the face of covid-19 epidemic, the academic affairs office of the junior high school district formulated the teaching plan for the extended period of study, tried its best to provide teaching services and effectively supervised the teaching during the extended period. Teachers actively optimize course resources and actively explore online teaching. Under the guidance of the teacher, the students gradually adapted to the new teaching mode and made continuous progress and growth in online learning.


In order to guarantee the smooth development of teaching on the line, the junior high school academic affairs office carefully organized, unified coordination, scientific development of the textbook distribution plan, in March 6 BBB 0 8, the three grades of 75 classes of students of the textbook distribution in place. From temperature measurement, signature to textbook collection, the whole process is smooth and efficient, which is highly praised by parents and students. The timely and orderly distribution of teaching materials provides a strong guarantee for online teaching in junior high school.


The teaching materials issued by the academic affairs office are received


Assistant principal xie jianying held the textbook distribution coordination meeting of all departments



            The textbooks are being distributed in an orderly manner

In addition, the academic affairs office will push quality teaching resources to teachers and students in a timely manner.


The teachers of the three grades in the junior high school district have carefully selected the learning platform suitable for each grade and class according to the teaching needs. Nailing, tencent classroom, tencent conference, ZOOM and other online teaching platforms provide convenience for teachers' teaching and greatly stimulate students' interest. Teachers from the initial dazed, to actively explore and adapt, and gradually transition to ease. Under the active participation and cooperation of parents and students, the teaching quality is effectively guaranteed.

Junior high school online study schedule




The teaching administrators of each grade in the junior high school campus check and give feedback on the teaching work of each class every day, so as to timely understand the development of online classes during the study period.


In this special holiday, teachers and students break the traditional teaching and learning mode and start a different learning journey. Cloud school, we always together. I hope that students will walk towards the sun, live up to their youth, and learn and grow in the harvest and transformation. In the warm days of spring, we wait for the return of the students, for the beautiful campus to add more vitality and vitality!

Writer: Lin ying

Reviewer: xie jianying